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March 6, 2012

888 poker genie888 has what few other online poker rooms have, and that is webcam poker tables. These tables allow players to feel like they are in the casino playing against their opponents. The webcam tables, also known as PokerCam tables on 888, are gaining popularity and give your game of poker a much more personal feel to it.

In order to make the PokerCam tables that much more enticing, 888 will be giving away cash and prizes to whoever meets the 888 Genie on the PokerCam tables. The 888 Genie, who is a real person, and an attractive woman at that, has been surprising players all over the PokerCam tables and if you beat her in a mini game, you will be rewarded. Once you find the Genie, she will challenge you to some sort of mini-game (they are chosen randomly) and if you win she will reward you greatly as any real Genie should.

The element of surprise is a key part of this promotion because you will never know when you are going to meet the Genie. The only way to improve your chances of beating the Genie at her mini games is by playing on the PokerCam tables at 888. The PokerCam tables are exactly like any other cash games on 888 with the exception that now, your poker face may actually be put to the test.

Keep in mind that the PokerCam tables have rules of their own regarding behavior as well as collusion and it is important to read and understand all these rules before beginning to play at the PokerCam tables. The 888 Genie is out there somewhere, and who knows, she may have some prizes for you. The only chance to win is if you play the PokerCam tables, so get your webcam ready and hit the felt.

To find out more about this rewarding opportunity head on over to 888 poker now, or if you need some more information on their poker room visit the 888 poker room review on our site.


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