888 Increases Revenue in 2011

March 27, 2012

888 Holdings888 recently released their financial information for the year of 2011. Most people were expecting an increase in revenue, but a 26% increase from 2010 to 2011 exceeded most people’s expectations. If the 26% revenue increase is not enough to hang your hat on, 888 also boasted a 94% upswing in profits. The company netted $331 million in revenue and $55.6 million in profits, quite impressive numbers.

The results for 2011 are a stark contrast to the financial records from 2010 which saw 888 in deep trouble. This is because their 2010 profits were over 50% smaller than the profits they saw in 2009, same too with the revenue too. It is good to see that they have made the complete turnaround and are now standing on firm ground. Chairman of 888 Richard Kilsby was as excited as anyone about the news of the financial records, he said, “The exceptional results reported today are a testament to Brian and his team, and the renewed focus on core competencies that he has instilled throughout the business. 888 is in an excellent position and, as the industry moves towards a greater emphasis on regulation, notably in the United States, his experience will enable 888 to capitalise on the opportunities ahead.”

888 pokerWhen Mr. Kilsby is talking about Brian, he is referring to Brian Mattingley, interim CEO who yielded impressive results in just one year’s time. Online poker was one of the major reasons for the turnaround and the reintroduction of “Poker 6” was a major aid. Thanks to his impressive year as interim CEO, Mattingley was appointed the new CEO position and hopes to keep building where he left off. In fact, in the beginning parts of 2012 888 is already reporting that the same positive trends that they saw at the end of 2011.

Its obvious 888 poker has scene dramatic increases in traffic since 2011 and is now considered one of the best poker sites to play on. As we reported yesterday 888 poker is also one of the most trusted poker sites and we recommend you download 888 poker and take them up on their free no deposit $8 offer to give them a try.

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