Cash Back Rewards at 888

March 15, 2012

888 cashback rewardsVIP statuses and loyalty programs are great, but most often they do not give you the one thing you want most, cash. 888 realizes that most players would rather their loyalty be rewarded with cash, and they are now giving players that option. The reward points you normally receive on 888 can be redeemed for a lot of different prizes and perks, but now you can turn these points into money credited straight to your bankroll.

The more you play on 888, whether it is cash games, sit n gos, or tournaments, the more reward points you earn. In the past, players would use their reward points to pick up gear and other items in 888’s online shop, and that is still an option. The shop has anything from electronics to hoodies and just about everything in between. But for players who have been on 888 for a while and are tired of trading points for things in the online shop, you can now turn your reward points into real cash that will be directly and immediately credited to your bankroll.

There are 10 different reward levels and the higher up the ladder you climb, the better your rewards. Of course if you are at a certain status level, you must continue to earn the appropriate amount of reward points to remain at that level. Work your way through the VIP levels and your rewards will begin to stack up. To turn your points into cash, all you have to do is find the “My bonuses” tab that is located in your profile. Once you are there all you have to do is click “Convert Points” and decide how many of your points you would like to turn into cash. The minimum points you can redeem for cash must be an amount that totals to at least $10.

To sign up and take advantage of the 888 rewards program simply download 888 poker and play your favorite real money games and collect points. When you have collected enough points you can start cashing them out.

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