Free 4 All at 888Bingo

May 9, 2012

888 is looking to give you avid bingo players a run for your money while giving you free games of bingo. Both players who have bankrolls and players who do not are able to take part and even have a shot at winning cash. All day, every day, 888Bingo is running promotions that throw bingo game after bingo game your way for free. If you are playing for fun you stand to win one £1 as a jackpot for your free bingo, whereas players playing with actual money stand to win a £10 jackpot.

The details are a bit clearer still; if you have a bankroll you will be able to play free bingo every 15 minutes from 4pm until 7pm daily. All you have to do to get involved is go to the Free Bingo Funded room and begin playing. With that much free bingo, and a £10 jackpot every game, you have a shot at £130 each and every day just by playing free bingo. It really could not get any easier or any…freer.

Free 4 All 888 Bingo

This may seem a bit odd, but even players who do not have a bankroll are able to stroll away with cash, and they even have more opportunities to do so than the players who have high bankrolls. Players with no funds get to play free bingo from 7 in the morning until 7 in the evening every 8 minutes. The jackpot for each round of bingo is £1 which may seem small, but anything is good if you are entering the tournament for free. Between the two different types of free bingo, 888Bingo is giving away roughly £220 in free money every day, and £6,000 every month. If you have not done so already, get over to 888Bingo and start taking advantage of these awesome promotions.

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