2019 888 Poker Rewards Program Review

888 Poker VIP RewardsUpdated In Nov, 2019 – 888 Poker currently holds the title for the world’s most comprehensive poker rewards program. Most VIP programs have 1-3 levels or tiers. 888Poker’s VIP program has 10 unique status levels. This allows them to reward players accurately. Even losing players can end up ahead if they earn enough 888 Poker Status points. The benefits can really add up because if you are in the 6th level you will also receive the benefits for the first 5 tiers. Cashback plays a major role in 888Poker’s loyalty program. Freerolls and VIP tournaments also play a big role. 888Poker cashback allows users to claim a portion of their rake back. The average player generates a few hundred dollars in rake on a monthly basis and serious players can easily generate $xx,xxx in rake each month. I have added a brief review of each 888 Poker status level below.

  • Blue – This is the base level and you automatically qualify for it. The benefits include 2% cashback and entry into the daily $75.
  • Iron – To reach this status level you only need to earn 10 Status points/month. Additional benefits include access to the daily $100 Iron freeroll.
  • Chrome – Earning 25 points in a month will grant you access to the daily $200 Chrome freeroll.
  • Copper – Earning 50 Status points in a month will grant you access to the daily $300 Copper freeroll.
  • Bronze – Earning 100 points in a month will grant you access to the weekly $750 Bronze freeroll.
  • Silver – The cashback for this status level is doubled to 4% and it includes free entry to the $1,000 weekly Silver tournament. You need to earn 500 Status points per month to become a Silver player.
  • Gold – Gold players need to earn 1,500 points/month and they will receive 9% cashback and tickets to the $4,000 monthly Gold tournament.
  • Platinum – 4,500 Status points will earn you 18% cashback and a ticket to the monthly $7,000 freeroll. So far you have access to $54,000 in freerolls each month and 18% cash back.
  • VIP – The VIP Status level at 888 Poker is based on yearly play. Once you have earned 60,000 Status points you will become a VIP player for the rest of the year. Your cashback will be increased to 27% and you gain access to the $10,000 monthly VIP tournament. At this level you will also increase the number of Reward points you earn for each Status point. This number is increased from 10 to 13.5 Reward points per Status point. You will also receive a special VIP account manager, exclusive VIP store offers, prizes and access to live tournament seat packages.
  • VIP Diamond – This is the highest VIP tier at 888Poker and it requires 300,000 Status points in a year. Cashback will be increased to 36%, the highest available in 2012. You will also be awarded 18 Rewards points for each Status point.

Once you reach the VIP and VIP Diamond level you will be earning many more points per hand than you did at the beginning. There are other benefits in the 888 Rewards program. Some are kept secret so you will only learn about them when you reach the higher levels. To learn more about this poker room please read our 888 Poker review or one of our other guides: