Team 888 Poker Glory at WSOP 2012

November 2, 2012

If anyone caught the action from this past summer’s World Series of Poker you know just how exciting of a series it was. As it usually is, the final table at the Main Event was the pinnacle of excitement for the tournament and for 888 Poker.

888 Poker had a reason to be excited too, as their three pros, Jesse Sylvia, Russell Thomas, and Jake Balsiger, earned a combined $11.9 million. 888 was arguably one of the most well-represented poker brands in the entire World Series this year which is something to be proud of by itself.

Jesse Sylvia made it to heads up with a well known high stakes cash game player by the name of Greg Merson from the USA.  For second place Sylvia took home an outstanding 5.3 million. Have a look at the final hand between Greg Merson and Jesse Sylvia below.


In order to pass some of the joy on to you, the loyal players, 888 Poker is having three $3,000 guaranteed tournaments. While that by itself may already be an attractive enough offer, you are going to be even more excited when you find out that the buy-in is only $0.09! Usually, not only would it be difficult to find a tournament with a buy-in under 10 cents, but it would be near impossibly to find one with a buy-in that low and a guaranteed prize pool so large.

The date of the three tournaments is November 10th and one tournament will be held at 10:00, 14:00, and 20:00 respectively (all times GMT). Registration is already underway so it would be wise to get over to 888 and secure your spot immediately. The deadline to register for the event is at the start time of each tournament.

All you have to do to register is to go to your “Tournaments-All” tab. There is only a maximum of 3,000 players allowed to register for each of the three tournaments which is even more reason to head over to 888 and lock down your spot today. Thanks to 888, you too can bask in your own type of Poker Glory for an unbeatable price. Register for 888 Now are secure your spot!

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