888 PokerCam Review

888 PokerCam Tables
Updated in Nov 2019 – Online poker just got one step closer to the real thing thanks to one of the latest innovations launched by 888 Poker: the PokerCam. This new feature will allow players to see each other via a webcam while playing poker. There are some special tables where a working webcam is mandatory to join. These tables are marked with “Video” so you can easily recognize them while you find yourself in the lobby.

The video stream from these tables is going to be sent via a peer to peer system which is very similar to the one which is currently used by Skype. This way the quality of the webcam video is going to be high.

The PokerCam tables that 888 Poker manages to offer can definitely give you a true face to face poker experience. While the concept was initially introduced to the online poker industry by PokerView, the 888 Poker has definitely managed to improve it.

The PokerCam tables from 888 Poker are only going to be available at the downloadable version of the software.

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888 PokerCam Features
This feature manages to give a more realistic online poker experience to players and this feature is right now available only at the Texas Hold’em gables.

The webcam that the online poker room uses is powered by ooVoo communication software. With the help of this little tool you can set up the webcam and actually see the reaction of the other players while playing poker.

This brand new feature is meant to make 888 Poker friendlier and to help the players to get to know each other in a more social environment.

The PokerCam feature was introduced along with tons of other features that appeared once the 6th version of the software was launched. The online poker is not all about winning and the webcam tables tend to be a lot more fun since you are given the chance to actually see the face of your opponents when they lose or win. While a good number of them try to keep on showing you their poker faces, you still find plenty of fun people that are going to react to the game.

Once you have installed your webcam, you must set down at any of these 888 Poker tables and your webcam is automatically detected by the software and the next thing you see is that the live feed will start streaming.

It’s really nice that 888 Poker has launched this new feature that is close to unique to the online poker market. A market that tends to be almost a monopoly created by PokerStars which has always brought all the innovations along with Full Tilt Poker to the online poker industry.

Overall the Poker Cam feature from 888 Poker is definitely a great improvement that is able to change the way we play poker. The poker games with the help of this new features are a lot more fun and since you get to see your opponents you can easily gather more information about their hands like this, making it easier for an experienced live poker player to win.

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